Mateja desperately: I can no longer be with such people


Marcel Verbič will determine the head of the family, and the contestants will have to complete the mysterious house this week. Relations between members will be extremely strained, and the appointment of a scapegoat will come as a surprise to everyone.

David Peter Sekirnik will notice that Žan Simonić despite the victory in the arena, it is not the right one. David: “I’m worried about what’s going on with you.” Žan will say that he cannot watch his teammates, Matej Šereg but she will no longer bear him: “Žan mocks us in the face… I can no longer be with such people.”

Mateja Šereg will despair.PHOTO: POP TV

Tactics will continue before and during the weekly task. Team Novak: “I expect a lot of manipulation and panhandling.” And indeed David will address him: “If we don’t firmly stand together, there is no guarantee that you will not come to the arena on Thursday.” Otherwise, Tim will continue to pretend to work with him and Žan.

Marcel Verbič but he will fulfill the last task when he appoints the new head of the family. He will tell the contestants: “Leave these manipulative and hypocritical games behind. May the best win.” Who will be the new head and who will be the scapegoat? Naming the latter will surprise absolutely everyone.

Do not miss the new show of the 10th season of the reality show Farm tonight at 9.15pm on POP TV. You can watch the show already on VOYA.


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