Rebeka Dremelj was among the first to be shot


Rebeka Dremelj was not lucky this time, she was among the first to be shot.

Rebecca she is a woman of thousands of talents who recently let another man into the house with whom she is preparing a spectacle.
Rebeka has a very busy schedule at this time. He is preparing Christmas shows and a play Cave woman, which takes a lot of her time, as the preparations are laborious and lengthy. Nothing happens overnight and without work, so it is very important to be able to relieve yourself, cheer yourself up and disconnect.

She was having fun.
Source: Instagram
A real team.
Source: Instagram
She was among the first to drop out.
Source: Instagram

Rebeka enjoyed Paintball with the company, where she was apparently one of the first to be shot. The smile on her face is proof that she had a lot of fun after all.

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