Meghan wants nothing to do with the royal family anymore


Meghan Markle it should be perfectly fine if she is separated from the royal family, says the author and reporter on the royal family Omid Scobia. In an interview with People, the journalist recently spoke about Meghan’s views on the British royal family, which he also wrote about in his new book Endgame, which focuses precisely on current events in the British monarchy. Omid revealed that some sources close to Meghan, even as she started working on her new book, said she had left everything related to monarchs behind:

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“Quite early in the process of writing the book, I was told by some of those sources close to Meghan that I really relied on in previous years that the Duchess wanted nothing to do with the Royal Family at all.”

While Meghan can happily move on with her life and put her royal past issues in the past, that’s not the case for Prince Harry. Omid explained: “His battles are still not over, especially those with the press. He has a big challenge to find something to undo the influence of the past, so that he can operate in the future in a space where he will not be tied to the ties of the past. “

Prince Harry with his wife Meghan PHOTO: Profimedia

Despite Meghan’s desire to distance herself from the royal family, Omid claims she and Prince Harry are still in communication with the king Charles III. “I was surprised that Meghan also maintains contact with the king, as she still sends photos of her children to the court. If not to him directly, but she is clearly ready to improve the relationship.” the journalist revealed.

Drove his wife to death with adultery, then married his mistress

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Drove his wife to death with adultery, then married his mistress

Since the Duke and Duchess of Susa have distanced themselves from the royal family, as a result they attend royal events less and less. According to the Telegraph, the couple were not invited to King Charles III’s 75th birthday party, although both reportedly spoke to him on the phone. The couple also did not attend the Trooping of the Color 2023 event. Prince Harry did attend the coronation of the new British king, but quickly left the ceremony and returned home to his wife.



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Harry and Meghan's marriage is said to have collapsed because of this photo

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Harry and Meghan’s marriage is said to have collapsed because of this photo

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