Attack on Kate Middleton. Did she really deserve this?

Attack on Kate Middleton. Did she really deserve this?
Attack on Kate Middleton. Did she really deserve this?

“This hypocrisy is painful to watch,” say critics of Kate Middleton’s appearance. What made them so angry?

Kate Middleton came under fire after wearing an expensive silk shirt to ask Britons to donate to children in need. The 41-year-old Princess of Wales opened the BBC’s annual fundraising event Children in Need (Children in Need) in a Lisou Betty silk shirt that costs £315, which is about €360.

The future Queen of England is part of a family whose wealth is estimated at around 27.5 billion euros. She said in a pre-recorded video that they are raising funds to help, support, encourage and empower all children to be the best they can be. This is crucial for their future health and happiness, she emphasized, adding that this is why there are projects Children in Need so important.

The BBC’s annual charity fundraiser is supported by a host of celebrities every year.

And while it’s a noble endeavour, critics have been quick to attack Kate Middleton. Why?

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It makes me sad to see Kate Middleton on the BBC in a £315 blouse.

A billionaire launches a humanitarian campaign on the BBC. Ask the company for donations. Don’t be silly, BBC,” wrote one of the X network users.

So, the BBCKate Middleton, who owns several homes, has just appeared on Children in Need, which raised around £20m (€22.8m) last year. Or £354m less (€404m) than we gave the Royal Family to destroy Buckingham Palace. This hypocrisy is sickening to watch,” reads another comment.

I know families with disabled children who have given up meals so their child can eat. So it offends me when I see Kate Middleton on the BBC in a £315 blouse,” commented disability advocate Dan White.

I hope Kate Middleton also announces a 10% public tax cut for the royal family. Imagine how much this would raise for charity!” another X Network user wrote.

Some came to her defense and wrote that in 2020 she already wore the same blouse once.

Kate Middleton did not publicly comment on these accusations, but she posted a video of her speech on the royal couple’s official Instagram profile.


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