Mars and Venus until mid-October in a love aspect ~ Portal24

Mars and Venus until mid-October in a love aspect ~ Portal24
Mars and Venus until mid-October in a love aspect ~ Portal24

Mars and Venus in love aspect until mid-October

The love aspect between Mars and Venus will bring promising opportunities to improve love relationships until mid-October, as this aspect signifies a deep desire for love and connection. Passions will be ignited, misunderstandings resolved and hurts forgiven. The aspect will also encourage sensuality, sexuality, artistic expression and success.

In mythology, despite their many love partners and adventures, Mars and Venus were considered the greatest love in life. Similarly, in astrology, various planetary conjunctions indicate signs of love. Mars and Venus, meanwhile, represent the ultimate love, which can often be a mystery.

Interestingly, Mars and Venus have not actually touched since March. Namely, Venus became retrograde and left Mars. Although they are in harmonious relationship, they will not be in exact aspect. Mars chases Venus more slowly, and she retreats from him. This means that men will chase their ladies, who will subtly withdraw from them, unless the men offer something of real quality. However, if hunting is emphasized in the astrological chart of a lady, the ladies will hunt their partners.

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Statement of the day, 18 September 2023

Mars and Venus will meet again only in the second half of February in the sign of Aquarius. Until then, there will be tensions between ‘I want’ and ‘I don’t want’. This means that these two planets haven’t met on the same degree for almost a year, which highlights that if love is real, it might be worth the wait.

However, if the love is based on fantasy or manipulation, this period will bring interruptions, as the bad aspect of Venus and Uranus comes, which brings interruptions.

At a time when Mars and Venus are approaching but not touching, there are opportunities to deepen relationships, resolve misunderstandings and forgive hurts. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to be careful with insincere and manipulative relationships, because we can expect interruptions.

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