Happily in love Arijanna (Dream Man) under attack from critics


Arianna Sara di Palma participated in the last season of the show Dream Man. She was a cute dark-haired girl To Blaž Kriče Režek immediately liked, they soon realized that they had very similar hobbies and views on the world.

Until she entered the show Christina Miller, who came a little later and with her entrance in a wedding dress caused great surprise to both the other contestants and the viewers, many thought that they would become a couple. With the entry of Kristina, this changed, Blaž said that it was love at first sight, but he remained very attentive to Arijanna.

In the end, Arijanna and Kristina remained, Blaž chose Kristina, but their love died. In the end, Arianna was the only one he stayed in touch with after the show, and they remained friends.

Negative comments because of the figure

A video appeared on the Instagram social network in which Arijanna answers questions, among other things, she also reveals what kind of relationship she has with Blaž and whether she is in contact with the girls from the show. But some commentators took issue with her figure. This is how the comments lined up under the clip: “chubby little honey bun”and similar negative comments.

Arijanna says today that such comments do not affect her. “Honestly, I didn’t even read the comments until now, so I don’t even bother about it. If this was happening two years ago, I probably would have deleted the post and the comments, but I realized that no bad comments could come to me to the living, until I myself begin to believe in him,” she told Metropolitan.si and added: “And that’s when you’re enough for yourself and you convince yourself that you’re great, you don’t look at others. But of course I’m grateful for every positive and nice comment, I’m always happy to read you.”

Arianna happily in love

We already wrote that Arijanna is happily in love today. With an ex-partner to Martin rekindled their love and, as she revealed to the Slovenske novice portal, it has been going on for half a year.

“When we were together for the first time, we were still very young and did not yet have refined values. We both went through a lot and look at our relationship in a completely different light. Now we appreciate what we have more and respect each other more.” she told the aforementioned portal.

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