Is the ex-wife of Armie Hammer the initiator of the scandal that befell the actor?

Is the ex-wife of Armie Hammer the initiator of the scandal that befell the actor?
Is the ex-wife of Armie Hammer the initiator of the scandal that befell the actor?

According to the American media, the story of Armie Hammer has turned into a true crime novel drama. His ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers is said to have tried to work with his former mistress, who was the first to reveal the actor’s sadistic tendencies, and Chambers is said to have tried to humiliate her husband in public with the help of Effie, as her mistress was called, and in this way obtain full custody of their children.

Effie is a 34-year-old actor Armie Hammer accused him of sadism and enthusiasm for cannibalism in January 2021, and revealed his messages to the public, thereby ruining his career, and now the same thing is happening with his ex-wife, but this time the source of the information is the same woman. She has now shared messages sent to her by Hammer’s ex-wife, who wanted to convince her to expose the actor to the public so that she could more easily gain custody of their children Harper and Ford.

Elizabeth Chambers and Armie HammerPHOTO: Profimedia

In one of the alleged messages she sent to Hammer’s wife and shared on Instagram, she admitted to the entrepreneur that she has suicidal thoughts and doesn’t have time to deal with her lover’s ex-wife. “I really need full custody of my two children,” she answered her Elizabeth and continued: “Do you think you could make a statement this week? It would be private. I really don’t want to pressure you, but your view is much deeper than the others we have.”

In another message, 40-year-old Effie wrote that she wants her ex-husband to leave the Cayman Islands, where he was staying at the time of the scandal, because he threatens their islands: “He hasn’t even seen the child because he doesn’t have time, because he takes every new blonde that passes by on his father’s yacht. I forced him to come here and try to be a father with a court order, and now he is a danger to our child. He has to leave .” She later added that he should be in prison for harming others.


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“I really don’t want to force you into anything, and with your testimony, we could get you in jail during the evaluation. I’m asking for the evaluation and copies, because I don’t believe he won’t trick the therapist,” wrote the 40-year-old entrepreneur, and Effie replied that the actor threatened her and the other victims if they spoke publicly about their relationship with him, and his ex-wife assured her that nothing would happen to her.

“We only have one chance to stop his behavior and prevent him from harming other women. Change has to happen or no one will take it seriously. As we’ve seen, things disappear quickly from the internet. Everything has to be legal and officially” Chambers wrote to her again, adding that her ex-husband was a psychopath.


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The entrepreneur’s public representative is in favor of the statement Page Six said: “Given the extent and nature of the allegations, Elizabeth was trying to establish the truth of these. She wanted to know all sides of the story and the safety and well-being of her children remain her priorities.” But Effie sees the whole thing differently and is convinced that Elizabeth, like the producers of the recent Hammer documentary, wants to profit from the story, and does not care about the victims who have experienced trauma. “She can’t claim to be a feminist if her best friend is someone who abused women,” she said in a statement referring to the couple’s 2020 joint statement when they announced they were separating.


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Multiple sources have confirmed that it was Hammer’s ex-wife who sent photos and videos of the actor misbehaving to the media in an attempt to secure a better position in the custody battle. Sources added that the reason was revenge because her ex-husband had cheated on her. “Elizabeth wanted to expose Armie as badly as Effie,” a source revealed.

Effie decided to expose Chambers after he was in favor Hey! News said that she and her ex-husband are on good terms: “Our divorce is not yet final, but we understand each other well and are often in contact. We are devoted to our children, so we spend a lot of time together, and we are friends. Children need a father and a mother. We would both do anything for them.” The entrepreneur added that Hammer is currently still devoting himself to treatment.

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