Shakira after breaking up with the footballer: Our children are my priority

Shakira after breaking up with the footballer: Our children are my priority
Shakira after breaking up with the footballer: Our children are my priority

Shakira is focusing on their children, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha, in the period after her breakup with soccer player Gerard Pique, with whom she was a couple for 11 years. The news that the two stars are breaking up circulated in the media at the beginning of the summer, and the reason for the breakup was said to be the 35-year-old’s infidelity. The singer recently spoke publicly for the first time about the difficult period in which she found herself, and she especially wants to protect her minor child.

Singer Shakira has been focusing mainly on his sons in recent months Milan and Sasha, who tries to protect them from evil tongues and intrusive photographers who stalk the mother and sons in front of their house. The 45-year-old star will appear on the cover of the magazine in October Ellaand in the title interview, she spoke honestly about her breakup with her longtime partner and the difficult period she found herself in.

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She emphasized that it is still very difficult for her to talk about the breakup, as she herself is still dealing with the consequences of the breakup, and the difficult period is made even more difficult by the photographers who lurk in front of her house day and night, and the media covers on which she appeared figured it out. “There is no place where we and the children can hide from them, except our house. We can’t walk through the park, like normal families do, or go out for ice cream, because photographers are following us everywhere,” she said.

Despite the difficult situation, the star is trying to do everything to protect her children. “I try to protect them, that’s my priority in life,” admitted the star, but it’s even more difficult because their hometown, Barcelona, ​​has become a place where they don’t feel safe from the paparazzi. “You deserve a normal life, but it’s a real circus here, and everyone is constantly speculating about our lives. A lot of what is being said is not true at all,” she added.


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But public pressure complicates the situation in which you and your ex-partner share custody and agree on the children’s lives: “Regardless of how things ended between me and Gerard, he is still the father of my two children. We have obligations to these two extraordinary children and I believe we will find the right way to ensure a good future for them and make it a reality. dreams that you both have in life in a way that is fair to everyone involved. Above all, I would appreciate it if we could have some privacy during this time.”


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While managing the lives of her children, she also has to deal with the separation from her long-term partner: “For women like me, who believe in values ​​like family and have had dreams of having a big family for life, breaking up is one of the hardest things in life.” In the interview, she added that despite sacrificing her career for her family, she does not regret it. “One of us had to make a sacrifice, and that was me. I put my career on the back burner and moved to Spain to support him in his football success. I sacrificed for love. Because of that, my children had a mother, that was there, and I have a bond that we’re incredibly connected to,” she also said.

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