Harry and Meghan lived in a friend’s villa for a few months due to problems

Harry and Meghan lived in a friend’s villa for a few months due to problems
Harry and Meghan lived in a friend’s villa for a few months due to problems

Tyler Perry, an American director, actor and screenwriter, wants the whole world to realize how beautiful and deep Harry and Meghan Markle’s love is. This is also the reason why he contacted the former actress years ago and offered her help if she ever needed it. Meghan, who had just become a duchess at the time, didn’t realize how soon the time would come when she would keep his word, and the 53-year-old became a savior, offering the family a place to live and a security job when they decided to they move across the Atlantic and renounce their roles in the royal family.

That they did prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to deal with considerable hardship and a change in lifestyle, he recently revealed Tyler Perrywho kindly offered to help the former royal couple, who renounced their role in the monarchy in 2020, moved to Canada and ignited one of the biggest scandals in this family in recent times.

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Perry is on the show Today With Hoda & Jenna spoke about the support he offered Harry and Meghan when they moved to Canada and from there to California, where they moved into his mansion in the Beverly Hills area, where they lived for several months, using his security a job. “It was a very difficult period for them,” Perry said.

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“What I know about them, and I want the whole world to know, is how much these two love each other. They found each other against the odds, and their love is truly touching, and I I wanted to do everything I could to help them.” he added, revealing that he himself wants a relationship like that of the prince and duchess: “If I don’t have what she and Harry have, I don’t want anything. That’s the truth.”

Meghan also recently spoke about her friendship with Perry, revealing that she and her fellow actor became friends shortly after she married Harry in 2018. Although they had not met, he told her that he was praying for her and that he understood what this all meant to her, she said in an August interview with The Cut. “He could only imagine what it meant for a woman of mixed skin to marry a British prince,” she said, adding that the billionaire offered her help if she ever needed it.


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This happened two years later, when in 2020 Harry and Archie moved from Great Britain to Canada, but the media soon found out where they lived, and at that time they no longer had the protection they received as members of the royal family.

“Sometimes you can confide your life story to a stranger sitting next to you on a plane, but you can’t talk about problems with people close to you,” said Meghan, who really turned to Perry for help, whom she still hadn’t met in person until then. He offered the family a stay in his villa in California along with security, and Harry and Meghan received his help for several months before they moved into their new home, for which they spent almost 15 million euros. In their living room, there is now a piano that Perry gave her as a housewarming gift, with instructions attached: “Write music for your life.”


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The couple joined the royal family more than a week ago as they mourned the late Queen together and participated in some mourning ceremonies. It was also the first time since their move that Harry and Meghan and William and Kate appeared together in public. Like for a magazine People their reunion was very awkward for both couples, a source said, but they all struggled to come together in public and do their best for the Queen.

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