Who are the children of Camille Parker Bowles?

Who are the children of Camille Parker Bowles?
Who are the children of Camille Parker Bowles?

A child Camille Parker Bowles together with the rest of the royal family attended the funeral ceremony dedicated to the British Queen Elizabeth. In the past, there were not many opportunities to do so Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles attended public events, but this time they made an exception. In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, Tom said that he and Laura are not exactly part of the royal family, adding: “My mom married into her. She’s part of it. We’re just normal kids. We’re just on the sidelines.”

A few years before, he said in one of the statements that he had always loved Charles. “I’ve always adored my stepfather. He’s always been a kind, good and loving man. He’s a man of warmth, intelligence and humanity, and I think if that ever happens, he’ll make a fantastic king.”

Not much is known about their relationship with the royal family, but she is the author Katie Nicholl wrote in her book about Harry and William, which she published in 2010, that William and Laura never got along well. “William and Laura argued about who was to blame for their broken homes. William blamed Camilla for all the pain she caused his mother, which always angered Laura, who always blamed William for Charles ruining her life.”

Tom Parker Bowles

Tom was born in 1974, and Charles is not only his stepfather, but also his godfather. The son of Camille and Andrew Parker Bowles, he is known on the British Isles as a successful cooking critic, has also written numerous cookbooks, and often appears as a judge on cooking reality shows and competitions. In 2005, he married fashion editor Sara Buys, with whom he has two children, son Freddy and daughter Lola, but they later divorced.

Laura Lopes

Laura, who was born in 1978, works in art and gallery management. In 2006, she married Harry Lopes, a former Calvin Klein model who later became an accountant. Princes William and Harry also attended the wedding. Today, Laura and Harry have three children, daughter Eliza and twins Gus and Louis.

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