“I try to be the best father I can, but I have no authority. It beats me.”

Vili Resnik recently released a new song Lepa za umret, dedicated to all women. “You women are all beautiful and you have something attractive for men,” says the 58-year-old singer, who is known more as a rocker, but this is a gentle ballad. But that doesn’t mean he’s slowing down. “No way, I still have a lot of ideas! When I settle down, I’ll be really old.”

With Pop Design and then in your independent career, you experienced the craziest years of rock and roll, fame, hysterical fans…

It’s true, even if I die today, I can say that I have experienced what many young people today dream of – success in life. I consider it an honor to have experienced it while it was still possible. Today, everything is different, more industrial, but back then we had our own emotions, you could sing your own way, dance to some slow ballad with a girl, squeeze her a little… Today are different times, different art, different ways of presenting songs. How good it is to win and how terrible it is when you fall… Sometimes I tried, did everything, gave my best to make something work, but it was nothing. Today, I hardly do anything, but it just happens by itself. Of course, you have to be persistent to get there and be willing to swallow a lot of negative things, because stardom is not all nice and good things.

Now that we have social networks, are there more negative things than in the past?

You can’t please everyone. But it makes me angry when someone despises you, but still watches or listens to your work, and writes to you how they don’t like it. I don’t understand why he is looking at something that has nothing to do with him. Is he a masochist who enjoys dirty things? This is envy and jealousy because he has not yet succeeded in life and needs to release his frustrations. But that’s part of our business. But I would like to see the face of this man who is so negative. But let’s leave it at that. May God give them health so that they may live as long as possible and listen to the Truther as little as possible. (laughter)

You’ve also experienced a lot of ugly things.

It’s not all pretty. Once you’re at that point, like I am now, it’s nice because everyone knows you, you have support – but it’s not always like that. There are ups and downs, but even in the latter you have to persevere and tell yourself that one day your time will come again. You also learn from it. For example, I was praised to the point of exhaustion in a certain media one day, and completely spat on a week later. But that’s life, and at the end of the day, every advertisement is good – let everyone interpret what that means in their own way.

You went through difficult periods in your life: an alcoholic father, a foster family, a poor childhood, sad stories at the oncology institute where you worked for seven years, an ugly divorce, your child was “taken away”, a dispute with your brother… Have you come to terms with life?

I think I was reconciled with him the whole time. I forget bad things, maybe on purpose, and take them as good. It was kind of a life lesson for me; otherwise very difficult, but I passed it and I am moving forward positively. When I think about my family life now, I am really happy. I often tell my partner Tamara that we can be happy because we are healthy, we love each other, we enjoy life and we have everything we want. What more would you like? Think of those who live and have nothing in life, only suffer, but still live and laugh at the end. Then should I say that it is difficult for me? Sometimes it is, but we live so beautifully, and sometimes we don’t even deserve it. That’s why I take all trials as good, I learned from them that I know how to fight. Being from a poor family, I had to fight for everything. I would be happy if my children knew how to fight too, but unfortunately they get everything – I hope their lives will not be warm because of this. After all, I had nothing myself, I give them everything. Which is not good.

He openly admits that he does not have the best relationship with his children from his first marriage.

What is your relationship with the children from your first marriage?

We have the attitude that we might deserve. I would like more contact, but Sara has a family, Timotej has finished his studies and has his own ambitions – they both have them. But being young and ambitious in life means that sooner or later there will be a punishment that shows itself in health, so I hope that they will start to live more normally and relaxed. To be honest, we have a cold relationship, I would like more authenticity, because for now we are still “acting”, but I hope that life will bring its own and we will be above all people, simple people, as we used to be.

You also have a grandson, do you see him?

I saw him a few times and I’m glad that he accepted me positively because of my difference. He doesn’t cry. He’s looking at me, probably wondering who this strange uncle is. (laughs) We get along quite well. Now he will be two years old and he will understand even better that I do not wish him any harm. We have a future, I’m sure. But since my daughter and I have such a relationship as it is, our relationship is also different than I would like it to be. Not from the child’s side, of course, he is always honest. But that’s life, you can’t change relationships overnight.

What about the younger two children you have with Tamara?

Manja is 15 years old, she is a great girl, but her character is as heavy as lead, very demanding, unfortunately she has a lot like me. I hope she will be able to fight so that she is not so modest – she has that from her mother, I am not so modest. Matias (9 years old) shows the qualities that a musician needs: flirtatiousness, attitude towards fellow human beings, energy. But I hope he won’t be a musician.


Because not everything is so beautiful, there is also a lot of disappointment. Both children have great hearing. Tamara also has it, so sometimes at home all four of us sing in thirds – wow! Well, I really hope the little one won’t be a musician. I hope he will be happy.

You’ve been awfully busy lately. Do you even have time for your hobbies? For example, do you still have a horse?

No, I haven’t had a horse since we built the house; it took so much time and money. But when I retire – I don’t know when that will be yet – I’ll have a horse again so we can walk the hills together. (laughs) But I’m on my bike a lot. I have to be active or I get too stressed. I “sleep” a little on the bike. Or I run. If you give too much, a quick punishment comes in the form of a serious illness. The body has to get its own and I stick to that.

Do you need mental and physical fitness, but over the years, whether you like it or not, the body ages and things become more difficult?

Yes, when I was young, I just jumped on stage, but today I calculate everything and think about how I will pull something off. I think a lot more, I’m more careful, I’m more crampy and tense before a concert. This is what I live for, and every performance must be executed perfectly. I used to not think about it.


Vili had a breakthrough with the group Pop Design, with which he created hits such as Potepuh, Ne bom ti lagal and Ko si na tlele.

Do people still remember you for your long hair?

Gee, now I play a lot of abrahams, these are the women who were crazy about me as a girl. And they tell me they remember me by my long curly hair. These are the stories that stay. It’s hard for young people to understand, but at that time all the girls had my posters above their beds and had a little crush on me. I’m bragging again, but that’s how it was. I consider it an honor to have experienced something like this.

Have you ever taken advantage of this?

You know how it is – young guy, frivolous… But maybe. Let’s leave it at that, youth is madness and I was mad – still am. (laughter)

Do you still get any underwear on stage?

Just over a month ago, at a concert, a woman threw her T-shirt on stage and was wearing only a bra. I gave her the shirt back because I was afraid she would catch a cold, and she threw it back at me three more times. It was a bit strange, but hats off to her for being able to relax and enjoy herself so much. (laughter)

Craziest thing that’s happened to you?

There were many of them, but I will never forget how once the girls grabbed my pants and began to drag me off the stage. I got scared and grabbed the drums, but they pulled me along with them. It’s a good thing the ushers came quickly, otherwise everything would have flown off the stage. You can’t believe that someone in trance is so powerful.

In the days of Pop Design, you were considered a great charmer, but at the same time, we know you as a loyal husband.

When I was young, I was stupid and crazy, and we “goofed” around. To me, women are the most beautiful thing in the world. They made my career and are “to blame” for all my successes. It makes me sick to see bad things happening to women. It hurts me a lot. Women are emotionally stronger and more sensitive than men, so I listen to them. They tell me how to do it. Therefore, the greatest recognition for women. Of course, they can also be the most “cheesy” at the same time. I experienced that too – but that’s life.

Which woman has had the biggest impact on your life?

Logical – Mom! She left the biggest mark. In the meantime, I also realized the negative sides of this seal, but I am lucky to have seen and balanced it in myself.

Mothers are guilty of a lot of good things, but also bad things…

The mother is alone, holy, but if she is too possessive, she wants too much good… The child must also fall, we must not wrap him in cotton wool all the time. My Tamara is madly afraid for the child, but they have to experience something themselves.

What kind of father are you?

I try to be the best I can, but I have no authority. This beats me. I covered here. I’m not very good with girls. Sometimes my daughters even despise me for being a prankster. That’s right, I admit. Well, no one is perfect – not even me.

You are one year away from retirement. Thinking about it?

Years ago, I was told to do something for my retirement, like buy a bar. But I didn’t think about it, I always “ploughed” well and found myself; even if I didn’t have any money and the money order came, it somehow worked out. The more you think, the worse it is. Life will guide me, I will live as I will. Life is a straight line for me – everything flows, so why should I go left or right?



He’s so energetic on stage, that’s why people love him.

Do you believe in fate?

I believe that a story has been written for me. So far, everything has always ended positively. So these few years will still work. This is how things should be taken; if we are going to think about the end of the world, illness, problems, it is better not to live. I don’t even think about how hard it will be for our descendants. I only think about myself and the present.

Have you always had a positive attitude?

I do not know. I was probably even more so as a child. Now I know more, certain things annoy me. But I always try to find something positive in everything. You have to find joy and laugh. I think. I don’t know, I’m not a psychiatrist, but a joker.

Two big anniversaries await you next year, your 60th birthday and 30 years of career.

It’s true, I admit.

How will you mark them?

I don’t want to promise anything because it would look very unprofessional if I didn’t follow through. We’re working on it and I want us to succeed. I personally don’t like it, but I have people around me who love to do it and respect me a lot. I just want people to be happy. We are here to sin, have fun and drink wine!

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