Barbra Streisand Was Horrified By What Marlon Brando Said To Her (Suzy)


She eventually published her memoirs Barbra Streisandwho is a living legend at 81: actress, singer, director, political activist, wife and mother, therefore allowed herself to pour out her life on as many as 992 pages of a book entitled My Name Is Barbra (Ime mi je Barbra, op. p.) .

In 1963, she appeared with Judy on her show The Judy Garland Show. PHOTO: Profimedia

In the book, she presents herself as we know her: with a pinch of humor and a sense of self-irony, as she admits that everything looks different in the rearview mirror, and at the same time, it is quite simple to be smart now that you are wiser. However, it reveals quite a few secrets and sheds light on stories that have long been well known to the world. For example, when a journalist wrote that her nose deserved an altar, she was flattered, but in the same sentence he went on to say that the face that divides it in half is long and sad and like a dog’s. But she did not want to operate on her nose, because she was afraid that the sound of her voice would change. Although she has gotten used to the mean words, they still sometimes hurt her, she says.

He expressed his desire to taste her

He also writes about Marlon Brando, who, after three hours of conversation, looked into her eyes and said: “I’d like to kiss you.” The confession surprised her. “That sounds terrible,” she told him, and he thought it over and said, “Right. Then I’d like to take you to a museum.” This proposal seemed much more romantic to her, as she had always fantasized about walking around a museum and looking at works of art with someone she was very attracted to. At the time he was married to Tarito Teri’ipaiaand she with Elliott Gould.

“Am I a Babylonian queen or a basset hound? Probably both, depending on the angle,” he writes. PHOTO: Profimedia

Judy Garland was her great friend, although many thought they were rivals and did not like each other. They chatted often on the phone, and Judy came to one of Barbra’s four parties in the 45 years she hosted in New York. “She said, ‘Don’t let them treat you like they treat me.’ You should ask her what she meant by that.’

Her last name is pronounced with two S's, the second S does not become a Z, so she also ordered Apple to correct the pronunciation of the personal assistant Siri. PHOTO: Profimedia

Her last name is pronounced with two S’s, the second S does not become a Z, so she also ordered Apple to correct the pronunciation of the personal assistant Siri. PHOTO: Profimedia

When she met James Brolin, she had already given up on love as a partner. “I didn’t miss anything when I was alone. I had a son, good friends, a fulfilling job, and I loved my house in Malibu with an ocean view. Maybe you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else,” he says. “But we probably stay together because we’re both willing to work for it.”

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