Iranian actress Hanieh Tavassoli sentenced to a suspended sentence, rapper Toomaj Salehi at liberty

Hanieh Tavassoli in a video from the Fajr Film Festival, which takes place every year in Tehran. Photo: Wikipedia

Protests across Iran were sparked by the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman of Kurdish origin Mahse Amen, who died in police custody last September after being arrested by the local morality police for violating the obligation to wear a headscarf. Her death sparked a wave of mass protests in Iran, which they are were initially guided by the Islamic rules of dress for women. But the protest wave soon grew into anti-government demonstrations, or open opposition to religiousautocratic arrangement in the Islamic Republic.

Several Iranian actresses were banned from working
Hanieh Tavassoli
(1979) was briefly detained with several other actresses last fall for participating in protests and expressing support for the Iranian women’s movement. As the Iranian news agency Fars reported on Sunday, they are Hanieh Tavassoli sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence.

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Iranian authorities banned actresses who appeared without headscarves from working

The Ministry of Culture is for both her and the actresses, among them they are Iranian movie stars like they are Tareneh Alidusti, Afsaneh Bajegan and Katajun Riahi, banned work, according to the German news agency DPA. “Films already made with these actresses will be gradually distributed so as not to harm the film producers who they are invested a lot of capital in them. /…/ From this point on, they are not allowed to appear in new projects,” he explained Habib IlbeigiDeputy Director for Control and evaluation in the film organization.

Salehi is free after more than a year in prison
At the same time they are local media reported that a 32-year-old Iranian rapper had been released from prison Toomaj Salehiwho has been jailed since last October due to his public support for the protests following the death Mahse Amen. In July of this year, he was sentenced to another six years in prison for this corruption on Earth, which is one of the most serious crimes in Iran and is punishable by even the death penalty.

Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi (1990) has been musically active since 2017. Photo: Wikipedia

Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi (1990) has been musically active since 2017. Photo: Wikipedia

Salehi’s lawyer Amir Raisian is for an Iranian reformist newspaper Shargh said on Saturday that the Supreme Court found flaws in the original conviction on appeal and ordered that his the client released from prison upon payment of bail. He was accused of, among other things, spreading lies online, anti-government propaganda, inciting people to violence, and founding and leading illegal groups with the aim of undermining security in Iran, according to DPA.

The death of an Iranian teenager this year
Otherwise, a 16-year-old girl also died in Iran at the end of October this year Armita Geravand, who, according to human rights organizations, was beaten by morality police on a subway train in Tehran a month earlier. She suffered serious injuries during the attack because she was allegedly not wearing one hijab. An example Armita Geravand is in Iran and elsewhere sparked outrage around the world and once again recalled the example of Mahse Amini.

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