Sharon Osbourne: ‘You can buy beauty, I wasted a fortune’


The star Sharon Osbourne surprised the public with her recent statement that she spent “a fortune” on her own beauty, and she also spoke openly about why she looked down on her husband when it came to light that he participated in orgies in the midst of gold of the time of the band Black Sabbath.

In a fresh interview, the American-British star Sharon Osbourne in her style, she again did not skimp on frankness and juicy words. For starters, she said that she doesn’t really care what people think about her appearance. “I never really cared what people said about my appearance. I know for myself that I spent a ‘whole fortune’ on beauty and always tried to be attractive,” Sharon revealed. “I was never a beauty,” the 71-year-old continued. “I wasn’t blessed with beauty or big breasts, but with a pair of balls!”

Sharon and Ozzy OsbournePHOTO: Profimedia

The wife of an aging musician Ozzy Osbournea member of a metal band Black Sabbath, she also spoke about him. It was not always easy for her in her marriage to a famous musician. “I was used to this turbulence, it was the world I knew. Unfortunately, that comes with being famous,” said Osbourne, referring to her childhood as the daughter of a music manager. But she also admitted that she knew about her husband’s every jump over the fence and the many orgies that happened very often during the golden days of Black Sabbath. Why did she blink in one eye and stay married to Ozzy? “I always told him to use a condom and not ask trivial names and house addresses. But if it became more personal than just jumping over the fence, I wouldn’t be so forgiving.” Sharon replied.

Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy OsbournePHOTO: Profimedia

The couple broke up in 2016, but even today they have a good relationship and stand by each other. Due to the treatment of diabetes and taking pills A cold the 71-year-old star lost a lot of kilograms in the last year and now weighs less than 45. “It’s very dangerous, and I just can’t afford to lose any more pounds,” she said. Her husband Ozzy stands by her side, but he is also struggling with the disease, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and the doctors can’t do much for him anymore. “I will always stand by him, I owe him a lot, he gave me my children,” Sharon concluded.

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