Charismatic Gordon Ramsay has many reasons to be pleased

Charismatic Gordon Ramsay has many reasons to be pleased
Charismatic Gordon Ramsay has many reasons to be pleased

No more birthdays for the sharp-tongued celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay it wasn’t as wonderful and unique as this year, when he turned 57 on November 8. On that day, he became a father in the sixth (or seventh) year, so he now shares his birthday not only with one, but with two of his own to the children.

“What a wonderful birthday present! Please say hello Jesse James Ramsay, a 3.45 kilogram giant,” the British master chef announced the happy news with a delay of a few days. And added that his family is now complete, as another lump of love has joined them. “Three boys, three girls. Done!”

He wasn’t quite sure about expanding the family

He is used to chaos, chaos, constant noise and bustle. Not only in the kitchen, but also in the family house, where the quintet hangs out, born from his love with Tano. But when his beloved recently expressed his desire to have another child, Gordon was not sure if he would be up to the role of father again at a not-so-young age.

“Tana wants another one. Will I be walking to my kid’s school sporting events with the help of a freaking cane? His classmates will ask him who his grandfather is, and he’ll answer that it’s basically his father,” even in September he wasn’t entirely sure whether expanding his already rather large family was the best idea at their age. But apparently Tana convinced him, because when he publicly expressed these doubts, they were actually already looking forward to the growth.

Swinging four years ago

Dad and mom became parents for the first time a quarter of a century ago, when they welcomed their first born Megan. In less than two years, the twins joined her Holly and Jacktwo years later, she cried into the world Tilly, namely on the birthday of his star father. In 2016, they suffered the indescribable pain of the death of their unborn son, who should have been their fifth in line. The last time they rocked at the Ramseys was four years ago, when he joined them Oscar. And he is probably thrilled to have become an older brother.

“It was a nerve-wracking nine months but we made it and are now blessed with this little one. The Ramsay family is now undoubtedly complete!” shared the joy of Jesse’s arrival, mommy Tana.

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