A great legend – Bum Novice – said goodbye much too soon

A great legend – Bum Novice – said goodbye much too soon
A great legend – Bum Novice – said goodbye much too soon

The Slovenian music world is mourning, another great musical icon has closed his eyes forever, much too soon. Many say goodbye to him…

As a well-known person from Ljubljana announced via social networks Club K4the popular DJ, known under his stage name, said goodbye much too soon Symann & Ulix, Uros.

“It is with sadness that we announce that a long-time resident, promoter, producer and all-round club enthusiast, known to most as Symann & Ulix, or Uroš, has left us much too soon. He became active on Kersnikova more than two decades ago and in the following years profiled himself as one of the leading local techno DJs and helped set up and run several legendary club series such as Synaptic, Elements, Downlands, etc. The many events in which he was involved did not only ensure a long list of unforgettable evenings and powerful guests who kept Ljubljana in step with global electronic trends. With Synaptic evenings, Uroš helped introduce experimental electronic bands to the iron repertoire of the domestic scene. The passion for the latter also resulted in the once unusual and unique open air event Chill & Grill, which connected many like-minded people and the Synaptic Pathways publishing house.” they wrote on the social network.

“Many sweaty evenings, fierce DJ performances and debates will remain in our memory. Uroš, however, was not only professional for the mixer, but also elsewhere. He helped introduce many young DJs to the clubs, and some of them are still shaping the club scene here. In this way, he remains with us.

Dear Uroš, thank you for everything and rest in peace.,” they added.

Many fans are in shock, many are wondering what happened…

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