She met the love of her life at the airport

She met the love of her life at the airport
She met the love of her life at the airport

Their souls recognized each other immediately.

On May 24, the singer closed her eyes forever Tina Turner, who has gone through a lot of ups and downs in her life. As she said in a documentary about her life, there were many more downs than ups. Among other things, the star had to bury two sons, and she was also plagued by serious health problems.

In love, Tina had a lot of bad luck, but also immense luck. Her two husbands couldn’t be more different. Her first husband Ike Turner she was beaten by her second husband, a producer Erwin Bachand he donated her a kidney…

With a German 16 years younger than her, Tina found her safe haven. The couple met in 1985 and only got married in 2013. Tina said the spark flew immediately. “We met at Düsseldorf airport. Her manager Roger asked me to go find her,” Bach said in an HBO documentary about his wife, and Tina stated: “He was younger. He was 30 at the time and he had a beautiful face. It’s impossible to describe. Crazy! I thought, ‘Where did he come from?’ He was really very attractive. My heart was going wild, which means two souls had met, and my hands were shaking.”

What was the recipe for their happy marriage? “We let each other be free, but at the same time we are a couple. Erwin, a successful man himself, was never the least bit intimidated by my career, my talents, or my fame. It shows me that true love doesn’t require dimming my light so he can shine. On the contrary, we are each other’s light of life and together we want to shine as much as possible.” Turner once said.

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